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Sample data Input Device - SIDTM



  • Centralised data management
  • No transcription errors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher quality data
  • Audit trail
  • Wireless communications

The SIDTM software forms the first part of a robust audit trail for managing the collection of site investigation or monitoring data. Installed on a hand held computer, the software allows the user to quickly create and record unique Sample Reference Names (SRN) for every water, soil (or other) sample collected. It also allows the user to record field test measurements such as water level, flow rate, pH or conductivity. At the end of the day, the SRN and associated meta data (e.g. the sample container's bar codes) can then be sent to the laboratory to advise them as to what the courier will deliver the next day, while the field test data can be electronically delivered directly to a database. Once the analysis results are in turn received from the laboratory; these too can be uploaded into the database, cross checked against the SRN, validated and published.

When used in tandem with eFacility®, this joined up approach maintains a solid and defensible chain of custody, proper version control (no more spreadsheet ambiguities) and helps ensures that the data can be easily re-used into the future.

With SIDTM you can:

  • Pre-populate with default data (e.g. borehole names, investigations).
  • Pre-define the number of sample containers, surveyors names, field test determinand names.
  • Create and collect consistent Sample Reference Names (SRN) for each sample or set of samples.
  • Scan a sample container's bar code and link it to the SRN.
  • Collect field test data including conductivity, dip, pH etc.
  • Download (using Microsoft's ActiveSync) a day's field test data and/or SRNs and into (separate) CSV format files.
  • Use GPRS wireless communications to send the data back to a database such as eFacility®.
  • Use email notification - data from the hand held computer can be delivered by email to the laboratory, project manager etc. at the press of a button.
  • Establish a solid Chain-of-Custody for the various packets of data.
  • Create a defensible audit trail for your data.

SIDTM currently runs on a Psion WorkAbout Pro G2 under Windows Mobile Professional 6.0. The WorkaboutPro is rated IP65 (Dust/ Rain) with inbuilt barcode scanner and optional GPRS. The software is driven by a stylus and/or the keypad and can be used independently of eFacility®.

SIDTM is available for rent or purchase.