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Data Importation

Legacy / Historic Data

Many users have legacy or historic data that they wish to add to their eFacility project; for example groundwater monitoring or rainfall data.

These data may be in tables in documents, in spreadsheets, in small databases or a combination of the above. The data may be held by the user or by a consultant or contractor who undertook the original piece of work.

As part of OTD's consultancy services, we can efficiently clean up and import these data en-masse so that users can benefit from the information in the legacy data.

Where to draw a line in the sand

Typically, the key task for the owner of the data is to decide exactly how much of the legacy data should be imported into eFacility.

Consideration has to be given to the volume, quality and standard of the legacy data vis-a-vis the effort required to locate missing data, resolve ambiguities and transcribe the data into a form suitable for importation.

Part of our work can be to undertake a desk study to both compile and then review the available legacy data and help prioritise the different sources of data.