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Asbestos Audit Module



  • Centralised data management
  • Hand-held field computer
  • Reporting tools
  • Increased efficiency
  • QA/QC
  • Audit trail



The Asbestos Audit module facilitates the efficient acquisition, management and consistent reporting of asbestos survey data, gathered for one or more facilities. It allows the involved parties such as the field surveyor(s), laboratory and project manager to input their data, publish it and where permitted, share their data with other members of the project. The key is that any set of data are input once, by the owner of those data.

The basic process is outlined below:

  • The Project Manager (PM) sets up an eFacility® project, adds the addresses of each facility and defines which facility each surveyor will audit.
  • Each surveyor uses a hand-held field computer to collect the field data; these survey data are then upload into eFacility®.
  • The surveyor also uploads photographs of suspect materials along with a draft caption or description.
  • The laboratory receives their suspected ACM samples from the surveyors, analyses them and then uploads the analysis results directly into eFacility®.
  • The PM monitors the progress of each facility's audit using the Project Dashboard.
  • The PM is able to select from more than 12 customisable tabular reports to either review detailed progress, or to creates client-ready documents in PDF format.
  • The PM uses one of the DocsOnLineTM tools to select the photos (uploaded by the surveyor) and modify the captions for the Photograph appendix.

Where the Asbestos Management module is required, interactive maps for each facility are added. These layers, produced in AutoCAD or in a GIS, describe the spatial extent of the ACM (or any other material) on each floor of each building and shows where it was sampled.