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Asbestos Management Module



  • Centralised data management
  • Management tools
  • Increased efficiency
  • QA/QC
  • Audit trail

The Asbestos Management module allows the user to locate, identify, view, report and manage all their Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and suspect ACM in any of their facilities around the world, no matter where they or the facilities are located.

The module utilises all the tools in the Asbestos Audit module. It also allows the registered user to:

  • View an interactive site map of every facility
  • Select a particular building within a facility and from there select a particular floor or structure (e.g. roof)
  • View the spatial extent of the ACM/suspect ACM on that floor
  • Zoom down to a given room to look at the issues in more detail
  • See where the ACM was actually sampled
  • Review the results supplied by the surveyor and the laboratory
  • See a picture of what the ACM looks like (e.g. blue floor tile)
  • Choose from a selection of automated tabular report options that will output information in PDF or Excel format
  • Generate different types of management reports
  • Keep a log of all changes to the asbestos components
  • Use tools to manage the remediation activities and record changes to the asbestos materials (removal, repair encapsulation, reassessment, correction).

GIS example

Example 1: The picture shows the location of a positive asbestos sample called ACM 2 Spray-Applied Insulation that was collected from a room on the twelfth Floor of the Smith Building. Clicking on the sample location (i.e. MB-12-C-C1201 DUCT7-22) pops up a summary window detailing the results of the survey sample taken at that point.

GIS example

Example 2: The second picture shows the pop-up window generated after clicking on a sample location. This window provides a general view/photograph of the selected ACM plus all the survey details documented during the field survey and the results of the samples analysis. The same page can also link to the original facility survey report and the facility's Asbestos Management Plan.