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Web-based management of a facility's spatial data, documents and maps

eFacility® Modules

Software Modules

Hand-Held Field Computers

eFacility® is a web-based application for the management, analysis and reporting of a facility's environmental data, maps and documents. It is a modular application that can integrate different types of environmental data, on-line graphing, GIS based maps, aerial/satellite imagery, auditing and document management, with reporting and analysis tools, all into one dynamic working environment.

eFacility® can;

  • Manage information from one to many thousands of facilities;
  • Scale information from a local to a global level;
  • Manage all spatially related environmental data;
  • Enforce standards and quality controls across all facilities and data types;
  • Only needs a standard web browser and internet access to use (no plug-ins);
  • Provide different levels of access and functionality to different users depending on their roles;
  • Be provided as a Managed Service (outsourced) or purchased directly.

Examples of the different types of environmental information that eFacility® can manage include groundwater monitoring, water flow, site characterisation, geotechnical (AGS standard) and emissions data, laboratory analysis data, asbestos, permits, geological maps, soil and ecology maps, cross sections, reports, photographs, stakeholders and property ownerships.

An eFacility® project typically comprises the utilisation of one or more of the modules customised to meet the project's needs. For example, for a site characterisation project along a pipeline corridor or for a new reservoir, one could combine the environmental monitoring module with the stakeholder and document management modules.