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Geotechnical Module


Particle Distribution

Consolidated Undrained Triaxial

Atterberg Plot

The Geotechnical module allows users to add, manage, analyse, graph and report geotechnical data and publish the results for other users to view in tables or in British Standard 1377 graphs.

The spatial integration of sample sites and other features with interactive maps and documents (e.g. click on a borehole and view the borehole log, photo etc.), means all data and documentation are easy to access and stored in one centralised system.

With this tool you can:

    • Create graphs of:

    • - Particle Size Distribution
      - One Dimensional Consolidation
      - Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Test
      - Standard Penetration Test - N value
      - Undrained Shear strength v Depth
      - Atterberg Plot

    • Save your graphs as Private graphs or share as Public graphs.
    • Utilise the AGS standard.
    • Export your data to Excel.