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Document Solutions

Pipeline Litigation

Modules: Document Manager and GIS Viewer

Exhibit Preparation & Courtroom Presentation

The challenge was how to compile and then present thousands of photographic exhibits and maps for a pipeline litigation case that covered environmental infringments for more than 250 stream crossings and participants from different organisations based in a number of countries.

The need was to both understand the spatial issues of each stream crossing along the pipeline route and to manage the tens of annotated photographs (exhibits) and expert witness reports compiled for each crossing.

An eFacility® project was comissioned by the prosecution team to help bring all the exhibits, the expert witnesses and lawyers together. Each stream crossing was managed as a facility with its own GIS map of the crossing and links to all the documents and photographs pertaining to that crossing

eFacility® was used:

  • Pre Disclosure - to aid the preparation of more than 4000 exhibits
  • Post Disclosure - to share the exhibits with the defence lawyers and the officers of the court
  • In Court - to help present the case to the judge and the jurors