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Stakeholder Solutions

Utility Corridor

Modules: Stakeholder Engagement, Document Manager, Environmental Manager and GIS Viewer

Site Investigation

To support the site characterisation of a pipeline corridor, the Stakeholder Engagement Plus module was used (along with the environmental module) to help communicate with stakeholders, in particular, to allow good communication with all stakeholders and knowledge of who owned the land and/or lived within 500 m of the pipeline.

The project recognised that a stakeholder can be multifaceted. For example, is a stakeholder calling the information line because a fence on their property has been damaged (i.e. domestic issue) or are they calling because they are looking for a permit because they work for the nearby city.

Communications with stakeholders were linked to threaded issues and any associated documents stored in the document manager.

The project also combined the stakeholder information with other map based information such as geology, parish boundaries, ancient woodlands and SSSIs.