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Stakeholder Solutions

Housing Estate

Modules: Stakeholder Engagement, Document Manager, Environmental Manager and GIS Viewer


A house builder was dealing with hundreds of householders who were having problems with their new houses. An eFacility® project was constructed to help manage the huge volumes of information originally maintained by many different people using a spreadsheet. The information included:

  • Complaints
  • House holder's details including:
    • Name & Address
    • Type of buyer
    • Type of property
  • Site inspection progress
  • House holder's solicitors
  • Site investigation of each affected property
  • Analytical results

The stakeholder module managed every type of stakeholder group (e.g. house type, name of solicitor) and brought together all the data in a form that was much more reliable and efficient than a spreadsheet. The project also had easy access to automated reports, other management tools and interactive maps of the estate documenting where all the site investigation had taken place. Site investigation reports were linked to each borehole and the chemical analysis was stored in the database so that spatial analysis could be undertaken.