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Where eFacility and OTD came from

eFacility® can be traced back to 2002, when a group of engineers at Golder Associates, a global group specialising in ground engineering and environmental services, saw a need to better manage data using one centralised, web-based application and move away from information managed by various spreadsheets, files and documents, all stored in different locations and in different formats.

Since then, both the products and the business have grown to supply a family of products and tools centred around the eFacility® platform. These range from hand-held field computers to gather the raw data, wireless (GSM) communications to transmit the data, to audit tools to maintain a complete chain of custody for all the data, to analysis, graphing, email notification and various reporting tools.

One Touch Data Limited was originally a subsidiary of Golder Associates (UK) Ltd following its formation in August 2008. Since August 2010, One Touch Data is no longer a subsidiary of Golder Associates, although Golder Associates remains a major shareholder of the company.