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Golder Assocaites

Queen's University



Golder Associates
Golder Associates is a global group specializing in ground engineering and environmental services.


Queen's University, Belfast

In partnership with Queen's University Belfast's Civil Engineering Department, Golder Associates and the University of Saskatchewan, we are supporting a three year CASE EPSRC studentship. The research area is the hydrogeology of till slopes and the impact of climate change and eFacility® forms the portal that links the parties and the data together.


We are providing an eFacility® project plus training and associated data support services for the SABRE (Source Area in situ BioREmediation) project, a collaborative R&D project being undertaken by an international, multidisciplinary team that includes CL:IARE, Shell, DuPont, Honeywell, ICI, GE, Golder Associates, Acordis, British Geological Survey, GeoSyntec, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh with participation by the Environment Agency (England and Wales) and US EPA. The project comprises laboratory and field-pilot scale development of an accelerated anaerobic bioremediation process for free-phase chlorinated solvent contamination in groundwater. Quantitative performance validation of the SABRE field study, to assess remediation efficiency, entails detailed monitoring, numerical modelling and statistical analysis. A UK test site contaminated with trichloroethene (TCE) is being used to undertake the project, which is supported through the UK DTI Bioremediation LINK programme.