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Consulting Services

One Touch Data offers a range of consultancy services to compliment eFacility®.

These include:

Legacy Data

Typically when eFacility® projects are comssioned there are large volumes of legacy or historic data that need to be cleaned up and imported into the project. This is not usually a simple task and requires a knowledgeable data manager. If the client doesn't have this resource in-house we can fill the role.

Project Support

Clients have the option of managing the data and users themselves, outsourcing the service to us, or somewhere inbetween.


Clients may have other software systems that may manage data that overlaps with eFacility®, for example GIS servers, data loggers, document management, management tools. We can offer services to integrate the different systems, for example a device driver to import data from a third party monitoring instrument.


We offer more bespoke services to design, specify and/or develop new tools or customisations, either integrated into the eFacility® platform or completely bespoke.