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Depending on a user's requirements, training can be given in a number of forms:

  • Over the telephone, usually as part of the Support Contract
  • Via a one hour web meeting
  • Through a selection of half or one day courses, including hands on practical exercises

We also have a series of eFacility® QuickStart Videos that users can watch. Whilst these videos don't cover all aspects of eFacility's modules, they are good refresher material for users.


We offer the following types of training courses:

Course 1: eFacility® - Quick Introduction

This course is for casual or infrequent users of eFacility® who are effectively Read Only users. Course is normally provided through the project's Support Contract.
Duration: 1 hour
Introduction to document manager, GIS-viewer and overview of module(s) in their project.
Web Meeting and/or telephone

Course 2: eFacility® - Basic

In depth introduction to eFacility® suitable for users who are viewing documents, data, graphs and using reporting tools.
Duration: half day
Introduction to document manager, GIS-viewer and overview of module(s) in the user's project.
Maidenhead or Nottingham

Course 3: eFacility® - Document and one other Module

Advanced course covering the Document Management module and one other module such as the Environmental module.
Duration: 1 Day
Covers use of the two modules including integration, loading, reviewing and publishing of data, maps and documents, user management, reporting tools. Includes practical exercises.
Maidenhead or Nottingham

Buffet lunch included

Course 4: Company specific training on-site

Training may be for new or experienced users and can be based on existing courses.

Course material is customised to meet the user's needs.