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  • Standardised documents
  • Consistent formats
  • Centralised management
  • No transcription errors
  • Order of magnitude increase in efficiency
  • QA/QC
  • Audit trail


DocsOnLineTM is a leading-edge, web based, data integrated, word processing environment that inserts data and other controls directly into the document. The data may range from something simple like a project numbers of site address, to tables with the quarterly analysis results or financial predictions, anything that can be stored in a database and retrieved.

Users of the DocsOnLineTM tool start by selecting a standard document template such as those for:

  • a quarterly report for groundwater analysis
  • an asbestos survey report
  • a Property Condition Assessments audit report

The tool then interrogates the database for existing data before generating the template, populating it in the process with data. The user then uses the conventional word processing tools to modify the document before publishing it.

Key features of the DocsOnLineTM toolbox include:

  • Word processor
  • Integrated data fields
  • Photo manager
  • Ability to insert third party PDFs
  • Spreadsheet functionality
  • Project dashboard
  • PDF writer

Example 1- Quarterly Groundwater report - DocsOnLineTM will retrieve the relevant groundwater data for the selected quarter from the database and populate the tables in the template. The author then modifies the standard text as required and publishes the report.

Example 2 - Asbestos Survey report - Selection of the DocsOnLineTM template for asbestos reports auto-generates and populates the document's tables, adds the default text. It also generates the standard figure captions and appendix names based on knowledge of the number of buildings and floors present in the selected facility (these data are already contained in the database). The surveyor then modifies the standard text as required and publishes the report.

Example of a document as seen in the word processing view showing how the default text and data fields come together.

The fields highlighted in grey are the Data Fields, which when the PDF report is compiled, will be populated with the relevant data from the database.