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Document Management Module


eFacility's Document Management module is an online document management and collaboration tool that allows users to publish and share their electonic documents over the web. Documents can be related to a particular facility and can be integrated with other eFacility® tools such as the interactive GIS maps.

The Document Management module allows users to:

    • Build a virtual data room or eRoom for one or more facilities.
    • Upload any electronic document and link it to a given facility.
    • Open an electronic document in your browser or download it to your PC.
    • Restrict a user's access to documents in one facility, 10 facilities, facilities in the truck group, all facilities etc. depending on their security level.
    • Use a keyword-based search engine to search for and locate documents. Users can search by facility, keywords and the AND and OR operators.
    • Use an Explorer-like tree-view system to look directly at folders containing a facility's documents.
    • Link selected documents (e.g. borehole logs, photograph, access directions) to sample sites or other locations so that the documents are available from the interactive maps.
    • Link photographs (and their direction of view) to an interactive map.
    • Instead of storing a document such as a global procedure within a facility, users can place them in the Common Documents folder whose contents are available to all users, no matter what their access rights are.
    • Each eFacility® project can define its own set of folders in which to store different types of documents. Folders are customized to reflect a client's normal working practices.
    • Large documents can be loaded in pieces to decrease download time. For example a 9 MB pdf file can be loaded in 3 pieces; Report text (0.5 MB), Figures (1 MB) and Appendices (7.5 MB); a user who just wants to read the report can quickly download the report text and leave the rest for later.