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eFacility's web-based, hazardous waste classification software; HazWasteOnlineTM allows users to rapidly assess whether their soils, construction or demolition wastes should be classified as hazardous or non hazardous, based on current UK and European legislation and guidance.

The user simply enters the laboratory results for each chemical analysed into a form and then runs the classification. The result is a report that details whether the sample should be classified as hazardous or non hazardous, listing all the hazard properties and risk phrases, together with additional commentary where necessary.

The user then has the option of refining their classification based on their knowledge of the materials.

The user can:

  • create jobs to manage each suite of analysis results;
  • input analysis results for more than 4000 common contaminants including hydrocarbons, heavy metals, BTEX and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;
  • Create templates, each with a customised list of substances, for different waste streams;
  • Select Mirror Entries from any one of the 20 EWC chapters and sub chapters;
  • Add other substances that are not available in Table 3.2, Annex VI of the CLP;
  • Cut-n-paste from spreadsaheets; one ten or hundreds of samples at a time;
  • select the suggested worst case compound (such as zinc chromate) or choose an alternative;
  • choose to ignore a compound e.g. zinc in reinforced concrete or because it is below the limit of detection;
  • Choose to ignore a hazardous property e.g. compounds having flammable risk phrases are flagged at any concentration, but the user can decide that concentrations are low enough that the waste is not hazardous through flammability;
  • record the reason why that compound or property was ignored (mandatory);
  • store all classifications for future reference and auditability;
  • produce and store a standard PDF report; and
  • attach supporting documentation.

Find out more and apply for a free 14 day trial by visiting:  www.hazwasteonline.com

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