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GIS example

Stakeholder Engagement Plus is a powerful eFacility® module that links any type of spatial data with stakeholder information and can manage the complex relationships between people, locations, multiple issues and stakeholder types, property ownerships and occupations. More importantly, it also gives you the ability to analyse networks, providing valuable knowledge rather than just collecting information.

The module is designed to help manage projects where an organisation needs to interact with their stakeholders, to collect and analyse feedback, to manage task progress, store copies of correspondence, understand spatial issues (optional) and to integrate with other tools e.g. environmental monitoring or site investigation modules.

The Stakeholder Engagement Plus module can also use eFacility's interactive maps to display both land ownerships and postal address locations alongside other themes such as aerial photography, roads, buildings, municipal boundaries, ecology and waterways.

With this tool you can:

    • Define project specific, multi-tiered, stakeholder groups and issue types.
    • Manage the multi-faceted relationships between stakeholders, their interests, occupancy(s), ownership(s) and place(s) of work.
    • Recognise that stakeholders have more than "one hat" e.g. domestic and business.
    • Accommodate the movement of people and organisations and associated issues as data relationships change (e.g. someone moves house).
    • Import and manage third party land registry, post/zip code and electoral role data.
    • Importantly - manage the periodic updates from these third party data sources.
    • Provide thread-based issue tracking to manage stakeholder interactions including issues arising, follow-up requirements and copies of documents.
    • Email notification for actionable tasks.
    • Produce reports detailing different types of stakeholder information and related issues, either spatially, by interrogating the map or by conventional form-based filters.
    • Integration with other eFacility® modules such as the document manager.